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International Shipping in Tampa, Florida

For personalized service and competitive rate quotes on freight forwarding, contact Stephenson International Shipping of Tampa, Florida. We provide the most reliable transportation services available to any country worldwide.

Your Shipping Specialists
Our staff of highly trained professionals is qualified to handle the full range of (export shipping) needs. From the movement of personal effects to commercial cargo, we have the expertise to ship your cargo safely and on time. Our 30 years of experience gives you the confidence that your shipment will be handled properly. 

Freighter, International Shipping in Tampa, FL

What We Do
Stephenson International Shipping arranges the movement of cargo for many national and international companies. We guarantee the utmost in quality service; allow us to make your international shipping as easy as possible.

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   • Verbal & Written Quotes Covering Ocean/Inland Freight
   • Marine Insurance with Low Premiums
   • Advice on Letters of Credit/Sight Drafts
   • Advice on Export Crating/Blocking & Bracing

   • Completion of Necessary Documentation as Required
   • Advice on International Payments (Drafts, Letters of Credit)
   • Logistics through Pro Transport Tampa
   • Inbound Cargo Clearing through Jose Munoz & Associates


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